R&D Council Honors 2015 Edison Patent Award Winners and Special Individuals

The Council has announced the 2015 Edison Patent Award Winners and Special Individual Award Winners including Governor Christie, Nobel Laureate Dr. Robert Wilson, and NJIT President Dr, Joel Bloom.  For the full results, check out the full release here: Press Release TAEPA 2015.


R&D Council of New Jersey Awards Merit Scholarships to New Jersey Community College Students


Chatham, NJ – Research & Development Council of New Jersey (R&D Council) announces a 2015 Merit Scholarship to Mohamed Amarir, Jonathan Avila, Gabriel Barros, Edgar Chipeta, Alexander Cid, Sara Cieslik, Adriana Cuadra, Ninel Garrido-Trevino, Cristian Guardado, Erika Juarez-Duran, Ritharna Kennedy-Willoughby, Samrawit Mekbeb, Luis Moreno-Hernandez, Mary Oburu, Magdalena Ortiz, Gianna Padilla, Bianca Rossi, and Abubakarr Yillah.

Mohamed is studying Engineering Science. Jonathan is studying Biomedical Engineering. Luis and Alexander are studying Electronic Engineering Technology. Mary is studying Chemistry. Gabriel, Edgar, and Erika are studying Computer Science. Ninel, Gianna, and Ritharna are studying Nursing. Samrawit is studying Science. Sara is studying Biology. Adriana is studying Environmental Science. Cristian is studying Aviation Flight Technology. Magdalena is studying Dental Hygiene. Bianca is studying Video Game Development. Abubakarr is studying Mathematics.

In August, the 18 recipients will attend the 6th Annual Merit Scholar Luncheon at an R&D Council member’s research and development facility to cultivate further interest in their field of study and strengthen their relationship with the R&D community. All recipients will also have an opportunity to meet prominent New Jersey-based researchers and innovators. Scholars will also be honored at the R&D Council’s 36th Edison Patent Awards Ceremony and Reception at the Liberty Science Center on November 12, 2015.

Each year, the R&D Council awards $1,500 and $750 scholarships sponsored by Council member organizations to outstanding community college students studying in a STEM field. It awards these scholarships to New Jersey students based on applicants’ minimum 3.5 grade point average, STEM field of interest, extracurricular activities, financial need, other awards, and post-graduation career goals. As a broad coalition of senior representatives from industry, academia, and government, the members of the R&D Council make these scholarships available through member-donated sponsorships.


Governor Christie partners with Council and Proclaims March 9-15 NJ STEM Week

Governor Chris Christie is proclaiming that March 9-13th will be known as STEM Week in New Jersey.

New Jersey’s inaugural STEM Week comes in recognition of the fact that STEM is uniquely important to this state: New Jersey is home to the best STEM public high school in the country, it has the highest concentration of scientific professionals in the nation, and is the site of government research facilities that are the envy of the world

The Research & Development Council of New Jersey is proud to partner with the Governor’s Office on this vital endeavor. By drawing attention to New Jersey’s vibrant STEM economy, the Governor is helping shine a light on the state’s three research & development sectors – industry, academia, and government – that do so much to improve the lives of not only New Jerseyans, but citizens all over the world. In working with the Governor, the Council is proud to help the state recognize its unique place in this country with the Council’s own initiatives like the Edison Patent Awards and programs like the Governor’s STEM Scholars and Merit Scholars.

“Celebrating the state’s STEM economy is especially important today because by 2018, New Jersey needs to fill 269,000 STEM jobs,” says Council President Anthony Cicatiello.  “Now is the time to embrace the STEM economy and encourage its growth in New Jersey, and also to introduce students to our state’s rich history of innovation. Once they see what we’ve done in this state, from Edison to streptomycin, they’re going to be inspired to keep the legacy going through this century.”

New Jersey STEM Week will kickoff on Monday, March 9th with an announcement by Lieutenant Governor Guadagno, who will also simultaneously launch our state’s Million Women Mentors initiative, of which she is the honorary chair.  The kickoff event will take place at the Douglass Student Center of the Rutgers-New Brusnwick Campus.  To request an invitation to this event, please email kcase@rdnj.org or call 973.274.8336.

Other exciting events for this week include: launch of NJ STEM Pathways Network, Governor’s STEM Scholars Poster Series and legislative visits at the State House (March 9), New Jersey Science Olympiad State Tournament (March 11), and Governor’s STEM Scholars visit to Picatinny Arsenal (March 14). Events for New Jersey’s STEM Week will be posted at www.rdnj.org.  2015 NJ STEM Week proclamation