R&D Council of New Jersey Awards Merit Scholarships to New Jersey Community College Students


Chatham, NJ – Research & Development Council of New Jersey (R&D Council) announces a 2015 Merit Scholarship to Mohamed Amarir, Jonathan Avila, Gabriel Barros, Edgar Chipeta, Alexander Cid, Sara Cieslik, Adriana Cuadra, Ninel Garrido-Trevino, Cristian Guardado, Erika Juarez-Duran, Ritharna Kennedy-Willoughby, Samrawit Mekbeb, Luis Moreno-Hernandez, Mary Oburu, Magdalena Ortiz, Gianna Padilla, Bianca Rossi, and Abubakarr Yillah.

Mohamed is studying Engineering Science. Jonathan is studying Biomedical Engineering. Luis and Alexander are studying Electronic Engineering Technology. Mary is studying Chemistry. Gabriel, Edgar, and Erika are studying Computer Science. Ninel, Gianna, and Ritharna are studying Nursing. Samrawit is studying Science. Sara is studying Biology. Adriana is studying Environmental Science. Cristian is studying Aviation Flight Technology. Magdalena is studying Dental Hygiene. Bianca is studying Video Game Development. Abubakarr is studying Mathematics.

In August, the 18 recipients will attend the 6th Annual Merit Scholar Luncheon at an R&D Council member’s research and development facility to cultivate further interest in their field of study and strengthen their relationship with the R&D community. All recipients will also have an opportunity to meet prominent New Jersey-based researchers and innovators. Scholars will also be honored at the R&D Council’s 36th Edison Patent Awards Ceremony and Reception at the Liberty Science Center on November 12, 2015.

Each year, the R&D Council awards $1,500 and $750 scholarships sponsored by Council member organizations to outstanding community college students studying in a STEM field. It awards these scholarships to New Jersey students based on applicants’ minimum 3.5 grade point average, STEM field of interest, extracurricular activities, financial need, other awards, and post-graduation career goals. As a broad coalition of senior representatives from industry, academia, and government, the members of the R&D Council make these scholarships available through member-donated sponsorships.