Merit Scholarships

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R&D Council Awards Merit Scholarships to 15 STEM Students

CHATHAM, NJ- Research & Development Council of New Jersey (R&D Council) will award Merit Scholarships to 15 distinguished STEM scholars at New Jersey community colleges.

Peri Akiva (Middlesex County College), Mariia Alibekova (Bergen Community College), Sarai Banda (Bergen Community College), Kirkland Czajkowski (Warren County Community College), Adriana Diaz (Bergen Community College), Anthony Freyre (Bergen Community College), Fady Issac (Bergen Community College), Sylvia Mohammed (Cumberland County Community College), Jennifer Muniz (Passaic County Community College), Ricardo Rivas(Hudson County Community College), Jorge Roldan (Bergen Community College), Pavel Sokolov (Bergen Community College), Fizza Sulaiman (Middlesex County College), and Luis Wettel (Bergen Community College) will receive the Council’s 2014 Merit Scholarships.

The recipients are pursuing degrees in a variety of subjects within the STEM field including mechanical engineering, computer science, math, and biomedical science.  The scholarships are sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Merck & Co., Bristol-Myers Squibb, Casabona Ventures, ExxonMobil, Montclair State University, Stevens Institute of Technology, General Magnaplate and the R&D Council.

In August, the 15 recipients will attend the 5th Annual Merit Scholar Luncheon at an R&D Council member’s research and development facility to cultivate further interest in their field of study and strengthen their relationship with the R&D community. All recipients will also have an opportunity to meet prominent New Jersey-based researchers and innovators. Scholars will also be honored at the R&D Council’s 35th Edison Patent Awards Ceremony and Reception on November 6, 2014 at the Liberty Science Center.

Each year, the R&D Council awards $1,500 and $750 scholarships sponsored by Council member organizations to outstanding community college students studying in a STEM field. It awards these scholarships to New Jersey students based on applicants’ minimum 3.5 grade point average, STEM field of interest, extracurricular activities, financial need, other awards, and post-graduation career goals. As a broad coalition of senior representatives from industry, academia, and government, the members of the R&D Council make these scholarships available through member donated sponsorships.

2013 Merit Scholar Luncheon