Merit Scholarships

Click here to download the Research & Development Council of New Jersey 2014 Merit Scholar Application.

R&D Council of NJ Funds Ambitious New Jersey County College Students

(Newark) – Research & Development Council of New Jersey (R&D Council) awarded 2011 Merit Scholarships to 19 New Jersey County College Students on behalf of 11 R&D Council members. The Newark-based Research & Development Council of New Jersey has been dedicated to cultivating an environment supportive of the advancement of research and development in New Jersey. Established in 1962, the Council was created to serve as a unified voice for the three R&D sectors — industry, academia and government — to work with the State to create an environment R&D could thrive in.

Each year, the R&D Council awards $1,500 and $750 scholarships to outstanding community college students studying STEM fields. It awards scholarships to New Jersey students exclusively based on applicants’ grade point average, field of interest, extracurricular activities, financial need, other awards, and post-graduation career goals. As a broad coalition of senior representatives from industry, academia, and government, the members of the R&D Council make these scholarships available through donations.

On August 19th, 19 Merit Scholars will attend a luncheon at ExxonMobil’s office in Annandale, NJ in order to cultivate further interest in their field of study and strengthen their relationship with the R&D community. All recipients will also have an opportunity to meet prominent New Jersey-based researchers and innovators in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The R&D Council’s annual dinner on November 10, 2011 and the 2011 Thomas Alva Edison Patent Awards will also feature the 19 merit scholars.

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