The R&D Council’s Mission

The Research & Development Council of New Jersey is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1962. The organization is dedicated to cultivating an environment that supports the advancement of research and development in New Jersey.

For over half a century, the Chatham-based Research & Development Council of New Jersey has worked towards creating an strengthening an environment supportive of the advancement of research and development throughout New Jersey. The Council serves as a unifying voice for the three R&D sectors – industry, academia and government – to work with the State to create an environment R&D could thrive in. The Council accomplished things like ensuring the passage of the R&D Tax Credit, promoting excellence in STEM education, identifying the need for and funding a world-class science center in New Jersey, and steadily bringing attention to the incredible R&D work being done in the state through the Edison Patent Awards program. The Council works as a hub for research and development in the state and uses our unique status to bring together industry, academia, and government in an effort to speak with one voice. The Council’s Board consists of leaders in research and development, a group whose focus is on advocating for a robust research community in the state and advancing STEM education. The Council brings attention to the R&D work done in the state with the Edison Patent Awards. Held annually, the “Eddies” bring together nearly 200 people at the Liberty Science Center to celebrate great inventions, exceptional inventors, and incredible leaders in research and development and STEM.

The Council’s membership includes representatives from academia, government and industry. Currently chaired by Vice President and CTO of Honeywell Specialty Materials, Dr. Ian Shankland, the Council’s accomplishments include: recognizing the most innovative patents in New Jersey through the Thomas Alva Edison Patent Awards, raising the funds for the design and construction of the Liberty Science Center, and annually awarding dozens of scholarships to students pursuing an education in R&D related fields.

Our office is located at: 127 Main Street Chatham, New Jersey, 07928 —